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Dora is an excellent coach with a style that is compassionate and no-nonsense. Dora knows how to keep people accountable, but accountable for realistic goals, not the impossible demands we place on ourselves as researchers. Dora also has great advice about how to take care of your health before you turn into a burnt-out mess. (And if you’re a burnt-out mess, she can definitely help!)

Jessamine Price
Writing Coach, Winner of Best Thesis Award, American University
Hi, I'm Dora Farkas

I help authors like you write their dream book

As a researcher turned author, I fuse science, intuition, and the wisdom of ancient civilizations into transformational adventure stories.

I believe that we all have stories, books, and poems already written inside of us. Unfortunately, our inner critic sabotages our efforts, and many people never start or finish writing their books.

I am committed to teaching authors and would-be-authors how to silence their inner critics and use their intuition to allow stories to come and finish their books.